Horsens SC Triumphs at Aarhus J/70 Danish League

The Danish season’s third league match in the first Division ended in Aarhus. The urban conditions provided massive windshifts that rolled across the course and upset the standings. Horsens, Hellerup, KDY and the defending Frederikshavn were the top four teams in the event. For this quartet, everything came down to the final race to determine the top three. Both KDY and Hellerup scored 6’s on the final day to negatively affect their chances of winning, but not affecting their chances to at least get on the podium. In the end, Horsens young crew scored a third in their last race to secure the win at Aarhus over Frederikshavn by two points. KDY (Mikkel Hougaard, Jeppe Bregendahl, Andreas Skjerning and skipper Jakob Nikolajsen) settled for third place just 2 points in arrears of the silver. “We were in the groove and we were confident of sailing well. We had good speed and good tactics, luckily. We knew we had to avoid a bad race. It’s been funky and exciting racing with the winds jumping all over the place and up and down in strength. It is great to celebrate our win with so many people from our club; it was absolutely indescribable,” said Horsens crew Mikkel Hougaard. The Frederikshavn Sejklub ended up second, but could rejoice in the fact they had extended their lead for the overall series after their scores at Stuer, Brejning, and Aarhus. “It was a cool competition, a bold backdrop and close sailing. The sailing conditions were difficult—almost impossible—but at the end of the day, we took second. We’re happy,” said captain Kris Houmann from Frederikshavn. As a result, after the three events, Frederikshavn has 5 points, a commanding lead for this series. Sitting in second is KDY with 11 points, third is Kerteminde Sejklub with 14 points, fourth is Horsens Sejklub with 18 points, and fifth place also sitting on 18 points is Skovshoved Sejklub. The final and decisive first division event will be sailed in Skovshoved in September. For more Danish J/70 Sailing League information, visit